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Rich Countries are wealthy countries. Their wealth gives their population access to better drugs, which slows down the infection rates of the player's plague. This is why it is advised that players NOT start their plagues in such countries. They typically have ten research facilities, making their medical funding contribute greatly to the Cure. However, not all countries with ten research facilities are rich countries. Drug Resistance 1 helps to moderately speed up infection in rich countries, while Drug Resistance 2 virtually negates the fact that the country is rich all together, making it a very useful trait when playing in a more aggressive fashion. Drug Resistance 3 and Drug immunity are only available in certain plague types, making Drug Resistance 2 the highest level of drug resistance one can get in most cases. Surprisingly, Drug Resistance 3 and Drug immunity are actually cheaper than the previous Abilities. This makes them highly recommended, should one be in a game in which they are available. Hyper Sensitivity can also increase infections in rich countries, but its effectiveness is very small compared to the other options, but to compensate, it is also very cheap.

List of rich countries


  • Every rich country has 10 research facilities, the only exception being Italy, which has 9 of them.