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The port seen in game.

Ports, or Seaports, are a feature in Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved. They receive ships from other countries.


In-game, ships are vectors of transmission. Countries will receive ships from friendly and non-quarantined countries. If a country with an seaport becomes infected, it is quite likely they will spread the pathogen to other countries, unless sterilisation air filters stop them. In order to counteract water filters, one must evolve Water 1, and Water 2 if one wants to spread more via ship. Once a plague has become discovered, and it has infected enough of the world, many countries will often shut down their seaports and airports in order to either quarantine themselves or prevent infected people from visiting the country, although some countries in early stages of infection may still send out boats to other countries, just not receive them. This can be countered only with Extreme Zoonosis. However, many island countries will keep their ports open, such as Greenland, until large numbers of infected people start dying. All island countries except for Iceland, Japan and New Zealand have no airports, making them notoriously difficult to infect in standard gameplay. Greenland and Iceland are particularly difficult to infect because few planes go to Iceland, and few ships go to either island country. To infect island countries, Water 1 and 2 are recommended, as the Philippines, Madagascar, Greenland, and New Guinea will often close their ports before infection.

List of countries with seaports