Stn Pneumonia


Serious fluid build and discharge from the lungs. People in cold climates especially vulnerable

DNA cost


Severity increase

Slight (2)


None (Slight in Smallpox and VS)

Infectivity increase

Average (3); Great in Cold climates +0.05

Next Symptom

Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pulmonary Oedema

Previous symptom


Pneumonia is a tier 2 symptom. It causes serious fluid build in the lungs and discharges it (through coughing). It is great for infecting people in countries with cold climates (+0.05), especially Canada and Greenland. In the Black Death scenario, the ability Pneumonic plague is an equivalent.

In Real LifeEdit

Pneumonia is a deadly disease caused by a build up of fluids in the lungs. It can be detected by a coughing and wheezing. It can seriously injure you and is treatable, old people and infants can die of it.

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