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Pneumonia is a symptom available in standard plagues and scenarios such as Black Death, Swine Flu and Smallpox. It causes serious fluid build in the lungs and discharges it, through coughing. It is great for infecting people in countries with cold climates (+0.05), especially Canada and Greenland.


  • This symptom is required in order to obtain the "Swine Flu" combo, which slows down the cure development.
  • In the Black Death scenario, the ability Pneumonic plague is an equivalent to this symptom.
  • In the Swine Flu scenario, if this symptom is evolved, the mutation of the disease will be reduced by 0.5[1]
  • In Cure Mode, the Virus type of disease has this symptom along with other symptoms affecting the respiratory system.


PneumoniaCard.png Pneumonia Symptom Card from Plague Inc.: The Board Game


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