Vandalism is when a user intentionally defaces an article, often removing portions of text or replacing content with swears or inappropriate content. They may write curse words, troll people on chat, talk or the forums, or insert nonsense into pages. Spam and porn are also considered vandalism, including in user blogs.

What is considered vandalism

  • When users insert nonsense into talk pages, or write the 'f-word'. (blocked; infinite)
  • Nonsense in pages (same as above)
  • Vandalism to pages, such as writing curse words and such (same as above)
  • Spam and porn links (same as above)
  • <Non-topic-related sexual references (same as above)
  • 'Trolling' (same as above)
  • Other types of harassment (same as above)
  • Wiki (edit) wars (blocked for 2 weeks, on both sides (except when an admin is involved, and only if the admin is right)
  • NOTE: Profanity and sexual references on chat are considered okay, but spam and trolling are not


All reports should be listed here: Spam replying on the comments of Mad Cow Disease

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