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Page Creation

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  • Resources (Cure Mode)


  • Find lethality formula (example: How many people die?)
  • Shadow plague abilities and transmission

Pages in need of cleanup

  • Possibly import information on symptoms, traits, etc. from Scenario Creator?
  • Revise disease type descriptions to reflect changes made in Early Access Evolution 10

Grammar, Correction and Information Update


Images needed

  • Upload the icons of the traits (transmissions / symptoms / abilities) of the scenarios.
  • Upload the icons of the symptoms of the Simian Flu.
  • Upload the icons of the genes of the Multiplayer Mode.
  • Upload all the cards of the countries of the board game.

Low quality images

Wanted images

New pages

Main Game:

Cure Mode:

  • Advisors


Here is shows all the pages that need to be translated into a specific language.