Plague Inc. Wiki

The following information is about the rules that you should keep in mind when editing, commenting, or contributing to this wiki.


  • Please try to use the best grammar in the articles
  • Use only images of the game, it can be the PC or mobile version.
    • Try to ensure that the images, videos or audios are of the best quality.
  • Any kind of rudeness or vulgar language is prohibited
  • Don't create offtopic pages that don't have anything to do with Plague Inc. This wiki is obviously for Plague Inc, and Plague Inc. only.
  • Try generally to use a Portable Infobox if you edit or create a page.
  • Please keep the information in topic, all external or unnecessary information that does not have to do with the article will be eliminated.
    • This includes text copied from Wikipedia / Unofficial Sources or long paragraphs that are full of non-game data.
    • Remember, this is a wiki related to everything that has to do with Plague Inc., it is not Wikipedia or a Medical Encyclopedia.
  • Please do not create pages that are about specific custom scenarios, this wiki only accepts official content, if you want to promote your scenario, please write it in a blog.
  • Please, do not create pages that are about Tips or Quick Guides, all this information must be on pages of the strategy guides.


  • Vandalism will be dealt with swiftly. Any users found guilty of vandalism will be blocked for a week's time, and longer as fit for repeated offences. Vandalism is defined as purposefully wrecking the wiki, such as by:
    • Blanking page content
    • Inserting gibberish and spam
    • Swearing on article pages


  • Please be respectful to other users if you are going to comment
  • Don't harass or otherwise be rude to others
  • All comments with vulgar language will be deleted
  • All comments must be related to the article, all off-topic comments will be deleted.
  • Don't spam or repeat the same comment multiple times.
    • Repetitive comments that are, for example, "First", "Second Comment", "3rd Comment", etc ...; they will be removed as they are considered spam.
  • Please, all comments must be written in English.


Adding wiki content

  • Please try to be sure that the information you're adding to an article is correct.

Strategy Guides

  • Please try to use the best spelling and grammar when writing the strategies.
  • Try to use short titles
  • Use the List tool to order or organize the steps to follow in the strategy.
  • Be clear and serious when writing your strategy.
  • All strategies must have a Genetic Code.
    • If a gene is not required, please write (Optional) next to the title of the strategy gene list.
  • Do not spam these pages, this is considered vandalism.
  • Please do not write comments or notes that are not necessary on the page or that do not contribute to the strategy.
  • Don't use vulgar words
  • Please do not write whole words in capital letters, it is unnecessary.
  • Please do not use exclamation points in the strategy steps.


  • Please do not create unnecessary categories or place categories that do not correspond to the article.
  • Check if there is an existing category, before adding them.

General reminders

  • We can see everything that happens, and will react quickly and promptly to any vandalism that occurs, so don't bother doing it in the first place.
  • Other than that, ask for help if you're not sure how to do something on the wiki. Contact one of the administrators, or alternatively the patrollers/forum moderators. These people can be found on the front page, on the right side bar.