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Draft 1

This strategy contains several errors, here is the list of those errors.
  • Author: PlagueOverseer

1. Safe & Efficient (100% win rate, > 400-500 days)


  • Catalytic Switch or Metabolic Jump: You can't get screwed with catalytic switch, bust those lab bubbles for DNA to finish the job, or use Metabolic Jump for both infection and termination.
  • Native Biome: The other genes in this category are relatively useless; ran the numbers. This helps propagation.
  • Patho-Stasis Say Yes to inexpensive abilities to help transmission and cure rate.
  • Play safe with this one, or go nuts with Sympto-Stasis; helps transmission and cure via cheap abilities.
  • Gene Mimic: If you lose with this, you deserve to lose.
  • Xerophile: Due to starting country, Saudi Arabia and transmission synergies.

Start in Saudi Arabia because:

 1. They only have 8 research facilities
 2. They fly to all airports

Saudi has one strength which doesn't apply here: Good ability to detect disease unlike Egypt.

  • Evolve paranoia then code fragment interception then anemia (for sleeping dead combo).
  • Evolve Air 1, Drug 1, Radical Elements & Code Segment Interception
  • Evolve Water 1, Cold 1 & 2, Water 2 (Greenland is of high importance, and Iceland will be infected by Air)
  • Evolve Bird 1 & 2, Genetic Hardening 1 & 2, Drug 2, Encryption Breached, Drug Immunity.
  • Now because symptom prices increase with population we're going to focus exclusively on those now.
  • In the least you want: Rash, Sweating, Skin Lesions, Haemophilia, Inflammation.
  • Evolve Replication Factory Overload, Broadcast Interceptor Overload, Kill Switch Stasis.
  • Evolve Paralysis, Necrosis, Coma.
  • Evolve Total Organ Failure and Hemorrhagic Shock.


2. Fast ( < 400 Days, 360 days on first try )


  • Metabolic Jump: To conquer fast you need power; pop those red bubbles.
  • Native Biome: The other genes in this category are relatively useless; ran the numbers. This helps propagation.
  • Sympto-Stasis: We infect and terminate primarily with symptoms so keep symptom cost low.
  • Gene Mimic: Nothing makes a tangible difference for speed hence.
  • Xerophile: Due to starting country, Saudi Arabia and transmission synergies.

Start in Saudi Arabia.

  • Evolve Insomnia (0), Paranoia (0), Anemia (1).
  • Evolve Code Fragment Interception (3).
  • Once you have 6 DNA, evolve Code Segment Interception (6) and devolve Code Fragment Interception (+2).
  • Evolve Replication Factory Overload (8). Devolve Code Segment Interception (+2).
  • Evolve Cysts (1), Hyper Sensitivity (1), Paralysis (0) and Coma (0).
  • Devolve Cysts (+1).
  • Evolve Haemophilia, Rash, Sweating, Coughing, Nausea, Vomiting.
  • Evolve Bird 1 & 2, Air 1, Cold 1, Drug 1, Water 1, Cold 2, Drug 2, Drug Immunity, Water 2, Heat 1, Rodent 1, Livestock 1, Blood 1, Skin Lesions.
  • Use Radical Elements 1 & 2, every time you get to 90% cure.
  • Wait for all countries to be infected then evolve Total Organ Failure, Necrosis, Hemorrphic Shock etc...


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Draft 2

This strategy contains several errors, here is the list of those errors.

Basic Information

  • Author: FallenThePro
  • Difficulty: Mega-Brutal


  • Start in any country and evolve Blood rage lv 1 and 2, and the flight ability.
  • Then eat the population there, wait for the Templars to appear.
  • Before attacking them, get Demonic Fury (And any abilities before it)
  • Kill every templar base and then, Devest the whole population of Australia and every island country except those with airports.
  • You should wasted a lot of time and getting tons of DNA. Reach shadow slaves, and get every transmission. (Devolve Zoontic Shift after getting all of it's branch-offs)
  • Vamperic awakening is not nessery but you can use it as well.
  • Fly everywhere and place lairs wherever you want.
  • Destroy WHO labs as you go.
  • Enslave the humanity and there we go, we won.
  • I played it and got a surprising high score of 1,099,184

Notes 2

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  2. Add the links of the traits used (Transmissions / Symptoms / Abilities)
  3. This strategy must specify the genetic code

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Draft 3

This draft has been approved

Basic Information

Strategy for Bacteria

  • Author: Blackfriday745
  • Difficulty: Brutal, Normal or Casual
  • Time: A 99.99% Win Rate.
    • Casual: 310-365 Days
    • Normal: 375-425 Days
    • Brutal: 435-455 Days (Untested)

Genetic Code

Genes are not needed but if used in Brutal, Sympto-Stasis and Patho-Stasis are strongly recommended. Aerocyte and Aquacyte will increase your speed, so they are also recommended. It depends if you want to go for Urbophile or Extremophile, and to get this much DNA, Metabolic Jump might also be ideal. Does not work on Mega Brutal.

Part 1: Transmissions

1. Start in Saudi Arabia

2. Save up 19 points and evolve Air 1 and Water 1

3. Evolve Rash, Sweating and Skin Lesions

4. Evolve the following symptoms once Saudi Arabia is almost fully infected:

Note: If your disease gets noticed, do not worry. Since Severity is not too high the cure will not go that fast.

4. Once you get into Europe, save up 79 points to go for 2 levels of Cold Resistance and finish the water and air tree by going for Extreme Bioaerosol.

5. Go for Drug Resistance 1,2 and (optional)Genetic Hardening 1

6. Wait till every country has at least 1 infected, and 80% of the world is infected. (To get to Greenland, make sure the Nordic countries have hit critical mass so they can send infected ships into that seaport. If Greenland closes seaports, restart.)

Part 2: Killing

1. Evolve Necrosis

2. Save up approximately 47 DNA points to go for Coughing-Pneumonia(if you do not already have this)-Pulmonary Fibrosis-Total Organ Failure

3. Wait till the whole world is infected. 4.(optional) Go for Dysentery and/or Hemorrhagic Shock

  1. Note: This might provide too much Lethality. It is not recommended to do so if you do not follow Step 3 and the whole world is not 100% infected.

Part 3: Cure 1. Save up for Genetic ReShuffle 1 and (optional)Genetic ReShuffle 2 if: a) Humans are almost destroyed, so evolving will earn you more points b) Cure goes up over 50%

  1. Note: After evolving, if Lethality is too high that they kill faster and the whole world is not infected, devolve Total Organ Failure or else you will lose.

2. Wait for the bacteria to unleash armageddon on the world!

If you followed this correctly, you should get at least 3 biohazards out of this. However, this strategy is not recommended in Mega Brutal because of the random medical checks.


Draft 4

Prion (Cure Mode)

  • Difficulty: mega brutal
  • Find it, then lock down the entire continent, land, air, sea, and total lock down. It works if you can keep it on one continent or both Americas, but don't lock land down if it's in the Americas.

  • Get forensic epidemiologist, celebrity scientist, strategic fundraiser, crisis manager, and medical coordinator.

  • Start anywhere, just find it fast, and if it has gone to more than one continent (except in the case of the two Americas, if that's where it started), start over.

  • Get investigate outbreaks and deploy field operatives.

  • Lock down everything on the continent first, and immediately.

  • Get all the compliance boosts and start the cure.

  • Get reassure infected 1 and 2.

  • Get accelerated research.

  • Get field research and sit in the country it started in to boost the cure speed as much as possible.

  • Fund vaccine manufacturing once the cost is 15 or less, then accelerated manufacturing.

  • Get authority boosts as needed. So long as the plague remains contained to the continent, you can win.


  • This strategy requires images to verify that it works

Draft 5

Strategy 3: The Unethical Paradise

Basic Information

Author: RayCharlZ

Difficulty: Mega Brutal

The principle is to not focus on the cure before you control the infection rate, but still reassuring people that they won't die, which is plain false. It takes several attempts but works on mega brutal without any task force. You will first reduce the infection with lockdowns, then use all infection prevention responses.


  1. Start anywhere
  2. Fund Investigate Outbreaks, Government Partnerships and Deploy Field Operatives as fast as possible . You don't have to wait for a country to be revealed to send it somewhere else, you just need the plane to have landed.
  3. As soon as you have found the patient zero country, Force Lockdown on the continent (do not close accesses) and get all the compliance boosts. Reveal all the countries around it for free funds thanks to the bubbles.
  4. Take Infection Control and send your operatives in the patient zero country. It should have less than a million infected people.
  5. Start taking Infection Prevention responses together with Contact Tracing. Your goal is to get all of them while performing 6., 7. and 8. Local Lockdowns should be the last thing you pick as it decreases compliance.
  6. As soon as a continent has around 100,000 infected people, Force Lockdown on it. You must have all the compliance boosts at this stage.
  7. Take Reassure Infected 1 as soon as you start losing points because of people panicking (you can see it in the world recap). Do not take the level 2, it is useless.
  8. People should start dying. You will lose a good chunk of authority from this and the infection spread, but you should... survive. You will probably need to use Authority 1, 2 and 3 to tank the damages. Do not use Censorship unless you do not have any other choice as it decreases compliance.
  9. Now that you have the infection under control, develop the vaccine.
  10. Send your operatives in the most infected country. The world tab helps to find it, but don't send them to countries with a low population as they don't cost you much Authority.
  11. At some point, there will be countries with 10 infected people. That seems to never go below this number and people will start to revolt. However, you should have a lot of money so invest in Targeted Economic Aid and Debt Relief to shut them up. This will refund you with the lost Authority from these countries.
  12. Maintain this state until you win with the vaccine!

Success picture:

Prion Cure Mega Brutal.png

Draft 6

Strategy 2 (The Race)

Basic Information

  • Author: RayCharlZ
  • Difficulty: Mega Brutal
  • Suggested Task Force: Fast Response EMTs, Regulation Enforcer, Medical Coordinator, Celebrity Scientist, Forensic Epidemiologist

This one is quite difficult. This strategy is based on the Strategy 1 with minor changes, but I felt like it needed to be more detailed.

This is a race against time. I tried a lot of strategies involving quarantine, decreasing infection rate or mortality, but the disease just spreads too fast. Your best bet is to search the kill-code as soon as it is available while buying enough time to finish it before you lose all your authority. It is necessary to cripple the infection slightly, because when too many people are infected, the kill-code is not developed anymore. Censorship is crucial in this gameplay, so do not play the Ethics Watchdog!


  1. Start anywhere and get Investigate Outbreaks, Government Partnerships and Deploy Field Operatives. Send them everywhere as fast as possible to find the outbreak.
  2. Develop Kill-Code and Kill-Code Supercomputing first. The race begins...
  3. Lockdown the continent where the outbreak started to cripple it as much as possible. Only use Force Lockdown. Use Economic Support 1 to prevent people from disobeying. You won't need the level 2 or more as people will be really afraid of this disease.
  4. From now on, you will Force Lockdown a continent when there are around 1 to 10 million infected people in it.
  5. Use Hack Secondary Routines and Cycle Suspension to buy yourself 30 days of kill-code development while you don't have too much ill people.
  6. Pick the fatality prevention responses that increase cure research speed as long as your Authority is high enough. When it is too low, buy Special Codes and Emotion Dampening first, which should give you back around 15 Authority in Super Brutal and 50 Authority in Brutal.
  7. Always use Authority 1, 2 and 3 before Censorship as the outbreak will always worsen. You will lose points 2 by 2 instead of 10 by 10.
  8. Use Censorship when you are around 10 Authority. At this moment, if the kill codes aren't developed under 58 days (see it in world recap), you have already lost and you can restart. You have probably lost if it isn't under 45 days.
  9. Use Fake News as soon as Censorship is down.
  10. If you timed it well, the kill-code will be available before Fake News ends and humanity will be saved in a couple of days. Good luck!

Image proving that it works

The Race Strategy Nano-Virus The Cure.png


I'm sorry, I was so excited to finally succeed that I forgot to set the game in English before validating the victory. The picture still shows the strategy works, however.

Draft 7

Nano-Virus (Cure Mode)

Basic Information


  • Normal

Task Force

  • Fast Response EMTs
  • Regulation Enforcer
  • Port Controller


  1. Start in Turkey
  2. Enable Investigate Outbreaks, Government Partnerships & Deploy Field Operatives
  3. Investigate quickly in countries with many land borders such as East Africa, Iran, Central Europe, Brazil, West Africa, China, Russia, Bolivia, Germany, Egypt or Saudi Arabia.
  4. After finding an affected country, go to its information tab, there it will report where the disease came from. (See example image 1 in the gallery, the government table reports that the disease came to East Africa by land from Sudan)
  5. After that, the entire continent must be inspected, at the same time, all airports, ports and land borders must be closed.
  6. Enable Furlough Schemes to avoid non-compliance, and Contact Tracing 1 to better identify infections in different countries.
  7. After all the countries of the continent are investigated, apply "Force Lockdown".
  8. Enable Testing Capacity 1
  9. In the case, that the Nano-Virus has reached a country from a different continent, use Targeted Quarantine. (See example image 2 in the gallery)
  10. Check the countries with many air and sea routes such as the UK, C. America, the USA, Brazil or Japan, since they are vulnerable to the Nano-Virus due to their routes. Meanwhile, save resources & enable the following operations : Develop Kill-Code, Hack Climate Routines, Scramble Heat Resistance, Special Codes & Cycle Suspension.
  11. In case there are a lot of infections on another continent, activate "Force Lockdown".
  12. Enable Contact Tracing 2, Clinical Treatments, Adapt Society, as well as alert more continents.
  13. Activate Airport & Land Border Screening. At the moment, all continents must be on alert and all "Force Lockdown" must be activated.
  14. Enable Targeted Economic Aid, and use it in countries with high non-compliance
  15. Close certain routes on different continents, in case there is a lot of non-compliance, remove the land border blocks, and enable Mortagage and Rent Belief.
  16. Enable Authority 1, Contact Tracing 3, Infection Control. If in the case that lockdowns don't work in a country, use Targeted Quarantine & direct the investigation teams to that country. (See example image 3 in the gallery)
  17. Enable Testing Capacity 2 & 3
  18. After that, the Kill-Code will be completed.
  • Note: This strategy may vary depending on the country of origin, so you will have to make variations depending on what happened in the game, you also keep in mind to keep the authority high.


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