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Plague Inc. Original Soundtrack is a compilation of music tracks created and scored by Ndemic Creations. It is released on September 10, 2014. The digital album costs $4.99.

The tracks are composed by Joshua Kaplan and Marius Malasar.


The original Plague Inc: Evolved soundtrack, featuring all of the tracks from Plague Inc: Evolved as well as the music from the original Plague Inc. game - including the haunting main theme, the paranoid notes of Neurax worm mind control and the aggressive style of the zombie-producing Necroa virus (plus a surprise bonus track!).

We will be adding more music to the game in future - this will be added to the soundtrack and available for no extra cost if you've already purchased it.

Includes 10-track album and bonus track in MP3 format.[1]

Track List

  1. Initiation (0:50)
  2. Evolution (3:01)
  3. Adverse Reactions (3:04)
  4. All In Your Head (6:04)
  5. Plague Blossom (6:30)
  6. Direct Control (2:58)
  7. Z Com Falls (4:28)
  8. Plague Bloom (2:27)
  9. Simian Dawn (5:42)
  10. Nox Eternis (2:57)
  11. Flatten The Curve (3:23)
  12. Roses (Bonus Track) (0:11)





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Plague Inc. Original Soundtrack

Plague Inc. Original Soundtrack
InitiationEvolutionAdverse ReactionsAll In Your HeadPlague BlossomDirect ControlZ Com FallsPlague BloomSimian DawnNox EternisFlatten The CurveRoses