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Plague Inc. is a strategy/simulation game released in 2012. It was released on iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone. The primary concept of Plague Inc. is to infect the entire world with a chosen disease type, while both focusing on wiping out the world with said disease, and fighting obstacles, such as a cure becoming developed for it, or the countries' governments trying to stop the spread of the disease.

In addition to the mobile version, there are also the console and PC versions of the game called Plague Inc.: Evolved. There is also a board game called Plague Inc.: The Board Game, which was released in November 2017.

About the game

The game holds various forms of diseases, each with their unique traits and capabilities regarding rate of infection, durability in different climates, and transmission. There are, currently, a total of eleven basic forms of plagues available to the player. Seven of these are the standard plague types, which the player does not have to pay for. These are, in order of unlocking, Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Parasite, Prion, Nano-Virus, and Bio-Weapon. The remaining four are special plagues, or add-ons/DLCs, which are the Neurax Worm, Necroa Virus, Simian Flu, and the Shadow Plague.

Scenarios, another DLC that includes a lot of exclusive gaming material, is also available to the player. These contain certain events that may affect the normal functionality of the world, or present a simulation of a real-life disease that has been previously researched or occurred at some point in time (i.e. Black Death, Smallpox, Swine Flu).

Time trials, known in-game as Speed Run mode, are also applicable to the game, as these provide how fast the player can affect the world with their plague and whether they are able to beat their previous record if already done so.

The game has four Difficulty levels: Casual, Normal, Brutal, and Mega-Brutal. Each respective difficulty becomes harder and harder as the player progresses through them, making the rate of infectivity to their respective plague a greater challenge to pass on in-game, and are at a higher risk for early detection of a plague. Players must establish a better tactic for a plague to be successful in difficulties such as brutal or higher, as the cure can be easily made in a matter of in-game months if the player has not put their disease to effective use.

Premium version (Android)

The game is available for free on Android with ads supported. The premium version costs $0.99, which disables ads, unlocks the Mega-Brutal difficulty & the fast-forward function, and discounts for some in-app purchases, much like the paid iOS version.

Windows and Windows Phone version

While the game is available on Windows Phone devices, it is also available on Windows due to being a universal app. The game can also be be played on Windows S where you can only run app from Microsoft Store. However, the game has not been updated since the Mutation 1.9 update.




  • There is a bug where if you check the news, you can still see the airports and seaports. You can also partially see the countries.
  • Plague Inc. is the first (and the second, if the PC/console version counts) game made by Ndemic Creations.
  • In addition to Plague Inc., Ndemic Creations has released Rebel Inc. -- a political/military strategic simulation -- on mobile devices and PC. Its SFX is recycled from Plague Inc., and most of the UI is also borrowed from that, which makes the game feel familiar (but with radically different gameplay).

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