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Photophobia is a symptom available in the Necroa Virus, Simian Flu and Shadow Plague DLCs, in addition to the Nipah Virus scenario.

Necroa Virus

Symptom Combos

Nipah Virus

In order to obtain this symptom, it is necessary to evolve Bat 1, Swine 1 or Horse 1. By using this symptom, the plague will receive a 0.01 increase in effectiveness for hot climates.

Simian Flu

This symptom causes the infected to experience discomfort when looking at bright lights, decreasing future cure research speed.

Government Actions

  • If the player evolves this symptom, the countries affected with the simian flu will begin to nationalize the sunglasses industry.

Shadow Plague

This symptom causes excessive optic nerve impulses that trigger a severe intolerance to light. This symptom increases infectivity as a result.

Cure Effects

Plague Cure Requirement Research Inefficiency
Necroa Virus +0.01 +0.02
Nipah Virus +0.02 +0.01
Shadow Plague 0 0
Nipah Virus +0.01 0