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Peer Pressure is an achievement that can be obtained by forcing the government of an infected country to investigate after triggering a riot with the subtle presence of the plague.

The achievement is obviously a reference to the real meaning of Peer Pressure - When you see others doing something, you will have an impulse to do it even if you don't want to.

How to get this achievement?

Recommended: Bacteria on Normal Difficulty. Technically you can do it with any other disease type, but Bacteria is easier to control.

  1. Start wherever you like. Evolve Coughing symptom only.
  2. Infect more people by spending DNA points on transmission and ability traits. Devolve any symptoms other than Coughing.
  3. Keep devolving symptoms. After the initial country / region has no healthy people left, these pop-ups should appear in order:
- Rumors of mysterious illness in (name of country)
- Protesters claim 'Mystery Plague' is Real
- Riots in (name of country) over 'Mystery Plague'
- 'Mystery Plague' is Real (Achievement acquired)

For more strategies and tips, please see Strategy Guides/Peer Pressure.