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The Parasite is an unlockable plague type in Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved. The parasite is the fourth plague in the Main Game, but in Cure Mode it is the third. On Plague Inc: Evolved, it is the fifth, Neurax Worm being the fourth.


Unlike other pathogens, the parasite and its style of life prevent it from passively gaining DNA points from infections and has a much higher starting Severity than usual.

Like the previous three disease types, Parasite has all the same Transmissions, Symptoms, and Abilities. Its unique Ability Symbiosis lowers its Severity, which is vital for it to spread far before the governments of the world notice it. It also gains a large number of DNA from orange bubbles, allowing it to improve its Transmission ability and the lethality of its symptoms.

Special Ability

  • Symbiosis 1-3: Makes the parasite more in tune with its respective host, so it gets harder to detect and cure. Symbiosis 2 and 3 also increase infectivity. Devolving these can cause heightened severity.


  • In April 2016, Parasite was added to the Multiplayer Mode, along with Fungus.[1]
  • Unlike conventional parasites whose goal is to live off the host for as long as possible, Plague Inc's version of a parasite is more similar to a parasitoid, which eventually kills off its hosts.

Stages of Evolution

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4

Cure Mode Traits

Main Article: Cure Mode

Trait Descriptions

  1. Symbiotic Relationship: Shares symptomatic similarities with other diseases making a vaccine significantly harder to develop
  2. Dysentery: A complete breakdown in the digestive system causes infected sewage, dehydration, starvation and death
  3. Coma: Neuropathic effects in the brain stem cause loss of consciousness and sometimes death
  4. Water Transmission: Parasite eggs in water cause significant outbreaks in poor regions with bad sanitation
  5. Vomiting: The expulsion of infected material through projectile vomiting increases the risk of infection
  6. Fever: Pathogen destroys motor neurons to cause paralysis. Can be lethal
  7. Diarrhoea: Pathogen active in digestive tract, causing infection through faeces and potentially lethal dehydration


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