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Olympic Spoiler is an achievement.

How to get this achievement?

This event is random, and happens in the same place every time it occurs. At some point during a game, a popup will say "Rio Olympics mystery," which says that the Rio Olympics have been postponed for unknown reasons. This is, we assume, because of your disease. However, this popup can occur even before your disease is discovered.

Some time after this popup has arrived, the player will get a message saying "Rio Olympics Back On!" If the player evolves Drug Resistance 1, they should eventually get a third popup which will say that "People across the world bring the disease to Brazil, it never should have gone ahead!", increasing Infectivity in Brazil. If the player doesn't evolve Drug Resistance 1' a pop-up appears stating that "the Olympics a success, good medicine stopped diseases spreading" and Brazil remains uninfected. Interestingly, the player can get the "Rio Olympics Infect Brazil" message even if Brazil was infected before the first popup came. If the player has managed to infect Brazil, then the achievement has been earned.

London Olympics.png


  • In an update that was added during the summer of 2016, the Olympics location was changed from London to Rio since the Summer Olympics were hosted in Rio in 2016. The icon for the pop-ups was also changed to look the Olympics icon except with Biohazard symbols instead of circles. The colors of the circles are present in the altered design.
  • This is currently bugged, as UK is still infected by the olympics.