New Zealand
New Zealand as seen in Plague Inc: Evolved


A rich, urban country. Typically has a balanced climate.





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City Cam location

Wellington Railway Station, Wellington

New Zealand is a rich, urban Island Country. It has a balanced climate.

Country Information Edit

IG Factbook: "The Polynesian Maori reached New Zealand in about A.D. 800. In 1840, their chieftains entered into a compact with Britain, the Treaty of Waitangi, in which they ceded sovereignty to Queen Victoria while retaining territorial rights. That same year, the British began the first organized colonial settlement. A series of land wars between 1843 and 1872 ended with the defeat of the native peoples. The British colony of New Zealand became an independent dominion in 1907 and supported the UK militarily in both world wars. New Zealand's full participation in a number of defense alliances lapsed by the 1980s. In recent years, the government has sought to address longstanding Maori grievances."

Traffic Edit

Airport Links Edit

New Zealand will send and receive airplanes from UK, Japan, USA, and Saudi Arabia

Seaport Links Edit

New Zealand will send and receive ships from Australia and New Guinea


Tips Edit

  • New Zealand is considered by many to be one of the hardest countries to infect, though not as tough as Greenland. Both airplanes and ships go there, so either Air transmissions or Water transmissions will solve this problem.

Trivia Edit

  • NewZealandNews1
    It is mentioned in a news reports that New Zealand can take advantage of a shift in the Earth's magnetic field to produce energy. This event is random, and has no effect on New Zealand for the plague.
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