New Guinea is a poor, rural Island Country with a hot, humid climate. Although it has no airport, it does have a seaport which connects to Australia, Indonesia, India, and New Zealand.

Country Information

IG Factbook: "The eastern half of the island of New Guinea - second largest in the world - was divided between Germany (North) and the UK (South) in 1885. The latter area was transferred to Australia in 1902, which occupied the northern portion during World War and continued to administer the combined areas until independence in 1975. A nine-year secessionist revolt on the island of Bougainville ended in 1997 after claiming some 20,000 lives."

City Cam

In business as usual, we have one of if not the most underwhelming city cams ever, no buildings, a dirt road with some civilians what seems to appear traveling, or bringing back supplies, with the only form of inferstructure being some wiring and wire conecting poles, (as showned from the shadows,) In The background we can see that the road is surrounded by likely a forest. In the top left corner theres a big hill in the distance.

New Guinea's general disruption is one of the most unique general disruption city cams as unlike every single other country in general disruption, there are no forms of protests happening. Instead. We can see that the country is trying to take matters to their own medical hands. white medical tents, and brown medical shacks (to the left and right respectively) are now added. There are now more civilians and doctors are noow sent in to likely help cure people or atleast give treatment. In the background, there seems to be a green warehouse likely containing full of medical supplies...

New guineas Widespread/Close to Anarchy city cam too is very intresting as theres not a single peaceful protests. Unlike every other country which at this point is now absolutely rioting like hell. New Guinea keeps its cool.



  • If all of its people are infected, its city cam can change to the one during its "General disruption" status.
  • Unlike most countries during "Widespread Disorder" or "Close to anarchy", New Guinea's shows medic stations and people trying to cure the disease.
  • It is referred to as "Papua" in the game files.
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