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The Neurax Worm is a plague type that was added in Mutation 3 or version 1.3 (August 30, 2012). It is a manipulative parasite that burrows into the host's brain and has the ability to exercise mind control.

The Neurax Worm has two different ways to win. In addition to just simply killing everyone and wiping out humanity (which will unlock the Worm Food achievement), the Neurax Worm can also enslave humanity and force them to worship it through the Transcendence symptom. This unlocks the Assuming Direct Control achievement.


The Neurax Worm is a special disease type which was awakened from its millennia-long slumber by human activity. Its defining trait is the ability to burrow into the host's brain and exercise inner mind control from there. It's available for purchase it for $2.99 USD or by beating all disease types on Brutal difficulty (mobile) or beating the Fungus disease on Normal or higher (PC).

The Neurax Worm is also the scenario template in a scenario called Santa's Little Helper, where the world has turned into a dark and gloomy dystopia. Land borders, airports and seaports have been shut down to reduce people's happiness down to zero. People are forced to wear grey clothing, and holidays, laughter and any other form of Joy have been made illegal. The player must play as the Neurax Worm and make everyone happy again.


  • The Neurax Worm is the only Special Plague that doesn't spawn a unique organisation dedicated to its destruction.
  • The pathogen is partially based off of Toxoplasma gondii while the disease it causes is inspired by an episode from the "Futurama" TV series.[1]
  • It lacks special genes and uses ones from the original game instead.
  • The Neurax Worm appears to be an unofficial mascot of Plague Inc. On Ndemic's Twitter, many pictures related to the game have a plush Neurax Worm in them.
    • There is also a special Neurax Worm that appears as an actual mascot for the game named "Neurie." It appears to be a Christmas tree ornament modelled after the icon for the Santa's Little Helper scenario.
    • Due to these reasons adding the fact Neurax Worm's old look is cuter than the Evolved version, the worm became the most popular plague type in the game, going as far as representing the game itself along with the biohazard Logo.



Track Name Audio
Direct Control
All in your Head

Stages of Infectivity



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