Neanderthal Regression is a symptom exclusive to the Frozen Virus scenario.


  • It causes humans to revert to a Neanderthal-like state, resulting in a severe loss of intelligence.
  • Fully infected nations will stop contributing to the cure since they are all regressed into Neanderthals.
  • This symptom is required for the alternative win condition for the Frozen Virus scenario, which was sending humans back to stone age.
  • In order to unlock the symptom, except for previous symptom(s), you also need Full DNA Repair ability.


  • It can be considered the Frozen Virus equivalent of the Neurax Worm symptom Transcendence, due to the fact that both can:
    • Cripple the cure effort to an irreparable degree.
    • Completely destroys human life with the assistance of their previous symptoms by stupefying them.
    • Changing the state of government to "total anarchy".
    • Can make a "Quick win".
  • Unlike Transcendence, it cannot be devolved.
  • Sending the humans back to the stone age for the first time will gain the player the achievement Who Needs Brains.
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