General Information

The Nano-Virus is a microscopic microbiological nanotechnological nanobot with the ability to replicate itself. It was accidentally released from a laboratory, and now humans are trying to shut it down by broadcasting a "kill-code" that will deactivate the virus. This means that "cure research" (or in this case "kill code broadcast") starts from the beginning of the game. Like all other normal plague types, one must kill all of humanity before the cure, or in this case, the kill code can be broadcasted. This quirk makes Nano-Virus ideal for speed runs.

To compensate for the fact that the kill-code broadcast begins immediately after a starting country is chosen, the Nano-Virus has higher than average starting infectivity, better resistance to all climates (except humid ones, where it has a larger penalty instead), cheaper symptom costs, and symptoms that slow development of the cure which can be evolved for free. 

Stages of Evolution


Standard Plague Types



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