Systemic Infection randomly mutating in Plague Inc: Evolved

Mutation is a gameplay mechanic that affects plague evolution. Mutation is the chance of a plague randomly evolving a symptom (or transmission or abilities with the proper Genetic Code) for free. Mutations can only evolve a trait if the trait is available to be evolved by the player. Mutation chance can be increased by Using the gene Darwinist the Viral Instability (Virus Only), The symptom Immune Suppression or the transmissions, Insect, Blood, Extreme Hematophagy, Bird, Rodent, Livestock and Extreme Zoonosis.

Starting mutation chance

Unlockable order Disease Name Mutation chance
1 Bacteria 0.5
2 Virus 2
3 Fungus 0.5
4 Parasite 0.5
5 Prion 0.5
6 Nano-Virus 0.5
7 Bio-Weapon 0.5
8 Neurax Worm 0.01
9 Necroa Virus 0.01
10 Simian Flu 1.5
11 Shadow Plague 0

Traits that affect mutation

Genes that affect mutation

  • Darwinist - +0.4
  • Creationist - -0.4
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