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Multiplayer is a mode, in which it allows players to compete with other players. In multiplayer, there are two modes available, the Versus Mode added in December 2015 and the Co-Op Mode added in February 2016.

The multiplayer mode adds special abilities, symptoms and transmissions, which will help players gain more infectivity, severity, lethality or resistance to the cure. It also adds particular genes that help the plague adapt better in certain environments.

VS. mode

VS. Mode is a game mode added in Evolution 15 of Plague Inc: Evolved.


In VS. mode, players struggle for dominance over each other to win. Gameplay has been heavily altered with a lot of changes, such as the ability to force cure research to begin immediately. The player's plague will be colored red, and the opposing player will be colored yellow. There are several outcomes of a match.

There are different genes on Multiplayer games, however they also create a disadvantage, as opposed to regular genes which only provide benefits. For example the Pharmaphile gene will improve infectivity in rich countries but slow infection in poor countries.


  • When a player manages to infect everyone in the world. This includes the population that is also infected by the opposing player. Successfully infecting everyone will result the player with the most infects to win and give both players a message that the winning plague has absorbed the losing plague.
  • When there is only one plague left. This can be achieved by all host carriers of one plague to die off, one player being cured, or one of the player disconnects from the match once it begins. This will give the winning player a message the opposing player 'resigned'.


  • When a server connection error occurred.
  • When both plagues have been eradicated at the same time.

Starting location

The starting location mechanic differs slightly from the main game. In VS. Mode, the players' starting locations are hidden from each other, and provide bonus DNA as long as they remain undiscovered, each country also gives different starting DNA. If one player discovers the other's starting location (by having one person of the country infected with the other disease), this bonus is lost and the opponent gains additional DNA.


Plagues have been altered in the game to change gameplay strategies. The following is a set of changes for each plague. Currently, 5 plague types are added to the VS mode. Players begin with only the bacteria plague unlocked and unlock one random locked plague for every five VS. Mode match wins achieved.

  • Bacteria: Bacteria keeps its Bacterial Resilience ability to a limited extent, the bacterial resilience is basekit.
  • Virus: The virus retains its ability to mutate and evolve, and gains the ability to mutate and devolve. It's also capable of devolving the transmission and ability trait even without Base Hydration (13% probability).
  • Fungus: Struggles in Arid Countries. Does have Spore Burst, but Unscheduled Flights will cost more and escalate more. The spore bursts will happen randomly.
  • Parasite: Still has Symbiosis and leaches corpse DNA from opponents, but Severity can increase when opponent's own Severity increases and is cured more easily.
  • Bioweapon: Highly lethal, and doesn't have its special abilities. People who are infected with the opponent's disease are more likely to be killed and infected by the bioweapon.


The cure mechanics have been altered to a greater extent than just simply severeness or lethality reaching a point. The following is an added rule on how the cure is altered.

  • Players can alter how easily your opponent can be cured.
  • Benign Mimics can be used to kickstart a cure against your opponent.


  • To win - you must infect everyone in the world or kill out your opponent using the cure or making it so their disease has a harder time infecting your hosts.
  • This mode is super weird as it flips the whole game upside down. You now need to do alot more to win. hence these tips are only useful in this one mode
  • For starters, getting unscheduled flights is critical as you can spread much faster using it. Getting lethality is also good so you can utilize corpse DNA.
    • However there is one important addition, using corpse transmission and corpse DNA. in this strategy you do want to have lethality, as necrosis gives corpse transmission, this can be quite effective as your opponent doesn't expect this, so they spread slowly while you spread fast. it is risky as cure will be heavy for you, even more so with the other player helping the cure against you.
  • One issue you have to deal with is the cure, the cure will go fast, mainly because your opponent is making you easier to cure, so if you do want symptoms, going down the insomnia path is recommended as that path slows research speed, though getting genetic hardenings are more recommended.

Co-op mode

This mode is where your two plagues work together to wipe out humanity. If one of your plagues do, then you will both win.


In Co-op mode, two players work together to wipe out humanity. Gameplay has been heavily altered from the main game like in Vs. Mode but with several differences. The player's plague is colored red while the partner's plague is coloured yellow. The goal is the same for both players.

There are genes exclusive to multiplayer like in Vs, however, they have to be unlocked separately rather than being carried over from VS.


When both players managed to wipe out the world. Even if one plague is wiped out, by either cure or killing all of it's infected, the other can still win the game for both players as long as they finish the job.


When both plagues are wiped out, the game will end in defeat.

Starting Location

Like in Vs. Different starting countries also gives different amount of starting DNA, unlike Vs. Mode, you can see what country your partner has started in and nothing will happen if you infect their country.

Differences from Vs. Mode

  • You can see what traits your partner has evolved, however, keep in mind that when you evolve one trait, it'll be drastically more expensive for your partner if they also wish to evolve it. Devolving your trait will remove this penalty for your partner.
  • There are two additional active abilities along with Unscheduled Flight: Infectivity Boost and Lethality Boost. Infectivity Boost like it's namesake, drastically boosts the infectivity in the country(s) you put it in while Lethality Boost will drastically increase the lethality in the country(s) you put it in.
  • Both players will get bonus DNA as long as their country still has infected people in them.
  • New to this game are Cure Labs, they are randomly set up in countries and specifically targets the disease that is the bigger threat before the lab is set.
  • To destroy the labs, you have to kill off the country the lab is located in.
  • These labs will skyrocket the cure and likely cause one of you to get cured very quickly.
  • Therefore, it is very important both players get discovered at the same time and spread out their threat level so the world don't just focus on cure one and then the other.
  • If one player is wiped out, they can still aid their partner by sending them to uninfected countries with Unscheduled Flights, quickly infect a country with the Infectivity Boost ability, kill off a country with the Lethality Boost ability or devolve their previous traits to make them cheaper for their partner. Additionally, the eradicated player will receive DNA regularly.

Genetic Code

Information on gene statistics was directly obtained by extracting text files from the game. See Game Files § Genetic Code
Gen Name Base Hydration
Description Your plague can mutate transmissions and abilities but costs to evolve will increase quickly
(Can mutate abilities and transmissions but costs escalate by 2 DNA for every tranmission/symptom/ability)
Gen Name Benign Infection
Description Your plague is harder to cure but you start the game with less DNA
(+0.07 Cure Requirement & -5 Bonus DNA)
Gen Name Deadly Disinfectant
Description Your plague will find it easier to kill people infected by other diseases but harder to infect them
Gen Name Frigophobe
Description Gives your plague a bonus in hot countries but a penalty in cold countries
(+0.10 to hot & -0.16 to cold)
Gen Name Hydrophobe
Description Gives your plague a bonus in arid climates but a penalty in humid climates
(+1.33 to arid & -1 to humid)
Gen Name Innocent Infection
Description Your plague will find it easier to infect people infected by other diseases but harder to kill them
Gen Name Peekaboo
Description See which countries your opponent has infected when you find your starting country but gain less DNA when you find it
(See countries your opponent has infected, gain less 7 DNA from the yellow bubble)
Gen Name Pharmaphile
Description Gives your plague a bonus in wealthy countries but a penalty in poor countries
(+0.12 to rich & -0.5 to poor)
Gen Name Pharmaphobe
Description Gives your plague a bonus in poor country but a penalty in rich country
(+0.5 to poor & -0.12 to rich)
Gen Name Rurophobe
Description Gives your plague a bonus in urban environments but a penalty in rural environments
(+0.67 to urban & -0.57 to rural)
Gen Name Safe House
Description Gain more DNA from bubbles in your starting country but your opponent gets bonus DNA when it is discovered
(Gain +2 DNA for every starting country bubble popped, opponent gains +12 DNA for finding your starting country)
Gen Name Search and Destroy
Description Gain a DNA from finding your opponents starting country. The bonus decreases the longer it takes.
(Gain +25 DNA for finding your opponents starting country, you lose 0.13 DNA for every day you don't find your opponents starting country
Gen Name Thermophobe
Description Gives your plague a bonus in cold countries but a penalty in hot countries (+0.16 to cold & -0.10 to hot)
Gen Name Unstable Inception
Description Get bonus DNA at the beginning but your starting country will be selected randomly
(+8 DNA bonus starting DNA)
Gen Name Urbophobe
Description Gives your plague a bonus in rural environments but a penalty in urban environments
(+0.57 to rural & -0.67 to urban)
Gen Name Xerophobe
Description Gives your plague a bonus in humid climates but a penalty in arid climates
(+1 to humid & -1.33 to arid)