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Morocco is a poor, rural country. It has a hot, arid climate, and is bordered by Algeria and West Africa. It is often one of the last land countries to be infected as it is quite secluded, and it is only infected through land contact.

Country Information

IG Factbook: "In 788, about a century after the Arab conquest of North Africa, a series of Moroccan Muslim dynasties began to rule in Morocco. In the 16th century, the Sa'adi monarchy repelled foreign invaders and inaugurated a golden age. The Alaouite dynasty, to which the current Moroccan royal family belongs, dates from the 17th century. In 1860, Spain occupied northern Morocco and ushered in a half century of trade rivalry among European powers that saw Morocco's sovereignty steadily erode - in 1912, the French imposed a protectorate over the country. A protracted independence struggle with France ended successfully in 1956. The UN assists with direct negotiations between Morocco and the Polisario Front over the status of Western Sahara. Influenced by protests elsewhere in the region, in February 2011 thousands of Moroccans began weekly rallies in multiple cities across the country to demand greater democracy and end to government corruption."


  • In the Golden Age Scenario, it is the only country that goes directly from poverty to wealth.
  • It has the highest amount of flasks (6) of any poor country in the game.


Morocco Country Card with the cities of Casablanca, Fez & Tangier
Territory: 446,300 (km2)
Population: 33,92 (m)
Resources: $110,01 (bn)

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