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"Steps through the mirror into the land of opposites where hot becomes cold and cold becomes hot, rich becomes poor and... You get the idea!
Which disease will be the fairest of them all?"

— Plague Inc., Mirror Earth introduction paragraph.

Mirror Earth is a scenario.

What happens?

In this scenario, countries that would otherwise have a cold climate now have a hot climate, and the opposite applies to countries that have a hot climate. Similarly, rural regions become urban, and urban regions become rural. Humidity becomes aridity, and aridity becomes humidity. Poverty becomes wealthy, and the opposite happens elsewhere in the world.

Some things, however, do not differ from the classic scenario. For example, Russia and Greenland are still the most sparsely populated countries in the world.

Additionally, most of the rich, urban, and cold countries in this scenario are in Africa, so players may notice that cure research is slightly higher than normal. This is because there are 356 bottles instead of 340 because there are more rich, urban, and cold countries than normal.

Finally, the amount of research facilities in each country changes (Unless said Country has 6 facilities in the base game). The countries with the most Research Facilities in the standard game will have the least amount in Mirror Earth, and countries that typically have the least Research Facilities will have the most in this scenario. Below is a table that shows the specific change in Research Facilities:

Facilities in standard game Facilities in Mirror Earth Change
10 2 -8
9 3 -6
8 4 -4
7 5 -2
6 Same No change
5 7 +2
4 8 +4
3 9 +6
2 10 +8

Country Number of Flasks
India 6
China 2
West Africa 9
East Africa 9
S.E Asia 8
Indonesia 8
Brazil 5
Pakistan 8
Russia 6
Japan 2
Mexico 7
Central Africa 9
Germany 2
Philippines 8
Colombia 8
Egypt 8
France 2
Iran 8
Korea 4
Turkey 7
Saudi Arabia 4
UK 2
Balkan States 7
Italy 3
Argentina 6
Spain 2
South Africa 4
Algeria 9
Central Asia 9
Sudan 9
Middle east 6
Ukraine 8
C. America 7
Central Europe 2
Poland 7
Caribbean 8
Canada 2
Iraq 9
Morocco 6
Afghanistan 9
Peru 8
Australia 2
Madagascar 8
Angola 9
Kazakhstan 9
Baltic States 7
Zimbabwe 9
Bolivia 10
Sweden 2
New Guinea 9
Libya 9
Finland 2
Norway 2
New Zealand 2
Botswana 9
Iceland 3
Greenland 9
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