Neu Memory Loss
Memory Loss


Neuritic plaques deposited on grey matter significantly impact memory and learning. Very hard to cure, (Neurax Worm) and (Mad Cow Disease) Recent memories become nebulous in patients, replaced with vague historical recollections. Negatively impacts cure process, (Frozen Virus)

DNA cost

6 (Neurax Worm), 3 (Evolved at start) (Mad Cow Disease), 19(Frozen Virus) and (Nipah Virus)

Severity increase

Slight, Very Slight (Neurax Worm), Average (Mad Cow Disease), +4 (Frozen Virus)



Infectivity increase

None, Very slight (Neurax Worm)

Next Symptom

Aneurysm, (Neurax Worm), Immaturity, (Frozen Virus) and (Nipah Virus) or N/a (Mad Cow Disease)

Previous symptom


Memory Loss is a symptom found in the Frozen Virus, Neurax Worm, Nipah Virus, and Mad Cow Disease scenarios. In the Frozen Virus scenario, it causes recent memories to become vague historical recollections.

It cannot be evolved without the DNA Repair 2 ability.

Memory Loss is a symptom in the Neurax Worm DLC. It makes learning very hard. It is extremely hard to develop a cure with this symptom evolved.

Nipah VirusEdit

There is a version of Memory Loss in the Nipah Virus scenario which has a similar description to the Neurax Worm version. The only difference between the two is the ending sentence; "Very hard to cure" for the Neurax Worm and "Research doctors lose progress" in the Nipah Virus Scenario. It costs 13 DNA points. This symptom needs to be involved in order to unlock the Contagion Cancelled achievement.

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