Manifesto is a header that replaces "Transmissions" in the Fake News scenario, and is a group of traits. It works like this: First, a topic is chosen, then who it is run by is chosen, then an intention is chosen, and then who it blames is chosen, each in the form of a trait that costs 0 DNA Points and increases at least one of the Core stats by a small amount, regardless. For each stage, only one trait can be chosen, and upon completing the fourth stage, some traits from the Growth and Adaptability sections become available.

Note that the descriptions for the traits under the started by part are exactly the same as the corresponding ones in the blame section, and that the first manifesto traits only appear after one day passes. Also, one cannot blame the party that fake news was started by, or devolve any of the following traits.

Topic traits

There are 12 traits.

  • Scientific Fake News

Description: Concerning modern scientific developments, such as our understanding of the shape of the Earth. Tends to harm economic development and future scientific understanding.

  • Climate Fake News

Description: Concerning environmental crises, such as global warming and rising sea levels. Tends to harm the environment and the health of the global population.

  • Technology Fake News

Description: Concerning new technologies, such as cleaner energy or advanced computer systems. Tends to harm economic development and financial stability.

  • Medical Fake News

Description: Concerning medical topics, such as treatments, cures, or vaccines. Tends to harm individuals' health and cause loss of life.

  • Financial Fake News

Description: Concerning financial issues, such as economic performance and stock markets. Tends to harm the economies and quality of life for populations of individual countries.

  • Legal Fake News

Description: Concerning systems of law, such as the courts, police and law firms. Tends to harm people whom the law is intended to protect and serve.

  • Corporate Fake News

Description: Concerning big businesses, such as online retailers or high street banks. Tends to harm financial growth and individual company finances.

  • Celebrity Fake News

Description: Concerning famous people doing, or not doing, things they should, or shouldn't, do. Tends to cause financial and emotional harm to the individual's involved. (it says individual's in the description)

  • Political Fake News

Description: Concerning established governmental systems, such as parliaments, congresses and monarchies. Tends to erode trust in the people that run countries, harming economies and health systems.

  • Cultural Fake News

Description: Concerning ideas, customs and social behaviour of communities, such as traditional stories or religious beliefs. Tends to harm cultures targeted and divide communities.

  • Immigration Fake News

Description: Concerning immigration or emigration, such as refugee patriation, or movement for work. Tends to harm those targeted, societies and the economies of the countries affected.

  • History Fake News

Description: Concerning historical events, such as the moon landing. Tends to harm trust in institutions and governments.

Started by traits

There are 25 traits.

  • Started by - Racists

Description: People who believe in the superiority of one race over another.

  • Started by - A World Leader

Description: A person who holds a position of power in a globally influential country, such as a democratically elected president, dictator, or a reigning monarch.

  • Started by - Scientists

Description: People who conduct scientific research to advance knowledge in an area of interest, typically in the areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

  • Started by - The Elite

Description: A small section of society with huge amounts of wealth, privilege and/or power.

  • Started by - White Collar Workers

Description: People who do professional, managerial or administrative jobs.

  • Started by - Communists

Description: Believers in the political philosophy of social ownership and control of production.

  • Started by - Journalists

Description: Writers and content producers for newspapers, magazines, or broadcast.

  • Started by - Politicians

Description: Professionals involved in the processes of government and the political systems of a country, such as elected officials.

  • Started by - Celebrities

Description: People who are in the public eye, such as film stars, authors or musicians.

  • Started by - Blue Collar workers

Description: People who do physical or manual jobs.

  • Started by - Fascists

Description: Affiliates and followers of far-right, authoritarian ultra nationalist organisations.

  • Started by - Tech Companies

Description: Businesses that provide services enabled by modern technology and the internet, such as internet service providers, video streaming services or search engines.

  • Started by - Lobbyists

Description: Professionals attempting to influence political decisions on behalf of individuals and organisations.

  • Started by - Artificial Intelligence

Description: Computer systems able to perform tasks that usually require a level of human intelligence, such as recognition, decision-making, and translation.

  • Started by - Children

Description: Babies, toddlers, infants and teenagers under 18 years old.

  • Started by - Students

Description: Young adults in full time education

  • Started by - Men

Description: A member of the species Homo sapiens.

  • Started by - Big Business

Description: Large and influential corporations with vast financial resources. Usually multinational corporations operating on a global scale.

  • Started by - Kittens

Description: Baby cats which many internet users find suspiciously cute. No older than 6 months.

  • Started by - Aliens

Description: Extraterrestrial beings from another world.

  • Started by - The Elderly

Description: Old people who have retired. Rich in years.

  • Started by - Women

Description: A member of the species Homo sapiens.

  • Started by - Foreigners

Description: People born in or from a different country.

  • Started by - Pets

Description: Domesticated or tamed animals that are kept for companionship.

  • Started by - The Illuminati

Description: A secret society of influential people controlling everything from the shadows.

Motivation traits

There are 8 traits.

  • Motivation - Political Gain

Description: Achieve a specific political goal.

  • Motivation - Fame

Description: Become a household name.

  • Motivation - Revenge

Description: Get your own back.

  • Motivation - Financial Gain

Description: Make lots of money

  • Motivation - Undermine

Description: Erode trust in democracy

  • Motivation - Chaos

Description: Watch the world burn.

  • Motivation - Trolling

Description: Do it for the 'LOLs

  • Motivation - Boredom

Description: Do it because you've got nothing better to do.

Blame traits

  • Blaming - Racists
  • Blaming - A World Leader
  • Blaming - Scientists
  • Blaming - The Elite
  • Blaming - White Collar Workers
  • Blaming - Communists
  • Blaming - Journalists
  • Blaming - Politicians
  • Blaming - Celebrities
  • Blaming - Blue Collar workers
  • Blaming - Fascists
  • Blaming - Tech Companies
  • Blaming - Lobbyists
  • Blaming - Artificial Intelligence
  • Blaming - Children
  • Blaming - Students
  • Blaming - Men
  • Blaming - Big Business
  • Blaming - Kittens
  • Blaming - Aliens
  • Blaming - The Elderly
  • Blaming - Women
  • Blaming - Foreigners
  • Blaming - Pets
  • Blaming - The Illuminati

Once the blame is evolved, a Growth trait called "Word Of Mouth" and Adaptability traits called "Tweet Mean Things", "Expand Victim List", "Accusations of Bias", and "Harass Critics" are accessible.

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