A Land Border, or just a border, is a feature in all plague types and versions of Plague Inc. and Plague Inc. Evolved which allow for countries to be infected via land transmission.


Land borders are the way in-game for countries to be infected via land. They can be closed, preventing humans from crossing the borders in the event of a plague, and cannot be reopened, save in Neurax Worm.The gene Suppression is a good way to get around land border closings. Bird 1 is a great way to get around border closings, as they fly over the border without any problems. The Neurax Worm's Trojan Planes ability allows the player to direct infected planes to any country in the world, making it one of the easiest ways to get around the closing of land borders.

The Necroa Virus Zombie Horde active ability allows the player to bypass closed borders with zombie hordes, but only into countries adjacent to that where the horde starts from. This, however, can be used to infect countries across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Simian Flu Travel active ability allows the player to send groups of apes across borders. This can be used to cross several countries, potentially infecting those countries if the transmission Hominidae Bridge is evolved.

Although it says in-game that islands have land borders, they cannot actually be accessed via land, thus meaning that an island country shutting its land borders does essentially nothing. Interestingly, Indonesia can be infected by S.E. Asia as if they were connected by a land border. The same can also be said for the UK, which can be infected by France (Most likely due to the Channel Tunnel).

List of countries with a land border

List of countries without a land border

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