Lair is a Tier 1 ability unique to the Shadow Plague DLC. This ability allows players to create lairs when activated, and it functions similarly to the Ape Colonies ability of the Simian Flu DLC. The more lairs that are created, the more DNA it will cost to add an additional lair.

Lairs create a hiding places for vampires to rest and heal after they are either created or finished fighting a Templar base. If the population in the area where the lair is is infected, the lair will occasionally give DNA Points. Additional abilities can be evolved to increase the number of DNA Points yielded. The gene Mad Scientist allows the player to automatically collect DNA Points associated with Lairs.

Lairs are the primary targets of Drones in the Shadow Plague DLC, and they act in a much similar way to their Simian Flu counterparts. However, Vampires can actively protect lairs by using Blood Rage to destroy the Drone.

Interestingly, a Lair can keep a Vampire from taking starvation damage even if the country the Lair is in is devoid of human life, especially if Lair Healing 1 and 2 are evolved. Lairs can't be deployed on active templar bases.



  • If a Lair is destroyed by a Drone, it will be overwritten by a new Lair if the vampire makes another Lair in the same country.
  • Lairs can generate DNA Points even if the country they are in has no living population.
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