Island countries are a type of country which have no bordering nations. As they are islands, they can usually only be infected via their seaports. Arguably more so than the cure itself, island countries provide a great challenge, since chances are small that ships will come to the ports of these countries.

List of Island Countries

The following is a list of island countries and information and general tips for infecting them. As a note, although all island countries have seaports, most do not have airports.

  • Australia: Has an airport and a very busy seaport. Fairly easy to infect but won't spread as quickly, as it has a low population density and is a rich country.
  • Caribbean: One of the harder countries to infect, although an infected Mexico or USA is the best way for an infected ship to arrive at its port.
  • Greenland: Greenland is often viewed as the hardest country, island or not, to infect. Spreading a plague in Russia or Norway is required to infect it. 
  • Iceland: Is best infected through its airports. Has seaports that aren't busy and only ships from Rich countries (and Greenland) go to it. Ships go to Greenland from its ports.
  • Indonesia: Although technically an island country, Indonesia can be infected via its land border with S.E Asia.
  • Japan: Wealthy country. Has an extremely busy airport and is generally the easiest island country to infect. Plague spreads quickly even without Drug Resistance due to its extremely high density.
  • Madagascar: Has only one seaport that isn't very busy. A somewhat difficult country to infect that can be made easier if Saudi Arabia or South Africa are infected.
  • New Guinea: Like the Philippines, it can be difficult if plague hasn't developed in Asia or Oceania. Overall, it's a typical island country, based on its infection difficulty.
  • New Zealand: Has an airport that isn't very busy. Few ships go to New Zealand's ports. The country can be troublesome if a country with busy airports isn't infected.
  • Philippines: Has a seaport that is visited quite usually by ships, and can be infected through several Asian countries. Can be a problem if said countries are uninfected. Particularly hard to infect in the Neurax Worm DLC due to the small physical size of the country.
  • UK: Technically an island country, although it shares the effect of having a land border with France (most likely because of the Channel Tunnel) so they are able to infect each other via land borders. One of the easiest to infect.
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