Stn Insomnia


Inability to sleep makes people irritable and less productive

DNA Cost

2 (5 if playing with Necroa Virus)

Severity Increase

Slight (+2)



Infectivity Increase


Next Symptom

Paranoia, Fever (Necroa Virus)

Insomnia is a tier 1 symptom. It makes people unable to sleep, making them less productive. This slows cure research. This symptom will only cause a small decrease in cure research speed during the early stages of the game. This symptom does increase severity, but has no effect on the infectivity of your disease.

With the tier 1 symptom Anaemia, it can make the Walking Dead symptom combo, which unlocks the Brainzzzz achievement.

If you got Sympto-Stasis then in Nano-Virus mode, this, along with Paranoia, Paralysis and Coma won't cost any DNA, which means free to upgrade.


  • This symptom only raises severity a small amount, so it should be safe to evolve even at higher difficulties.