Stn Insomnia


Inability to sleep makes people irritable and less productive

DNA Cost

2 (5 if playing with Necroa Virus)

Severity Increase

Slight (+2)



Infectivity Increase


Next Symptom

Paranoia, Fever (Necroa Virus)

Insomnia is a tier 1 symptom. It makes people unable to sleep, making them less productive. This increases the cure requirement by 3%. This symptom does increase severity, but has no effect on the infectivity of your disease.

With the tier 1 symptom Anaemia, it can make the Walking Dead symptom combo, which unlocks the Brainzzzz achievement.

If you got Sympto-Stasis then in Nano-Virus mode, this, along with Paranoia, Paralysis and Coma won't cost any DNA, which means free to upgrade.


  • This symptom only raises severity a small amount, so it should be safe to evolve even at higher difficulties.
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