Stn Inflammation


Inflammation obstructs bodily processes. Swelling can obstruct breathing and be fatal

DNA cost

5, 8 (Mad Cow Disease)

Severity increase




Infectivity increase


Next Symptom

Seizures (Seizures are technically a tier 3 symptom), Paralysis (paralysis is technically a tier 3 symptom)

Previous symptoms

Hyper sensitivity or paranoia (other plagues), Memory Loss or Pins and Needles and Human Cross-infection (Mad Cow Disease)

Inflammation is a tier 3 symptom found in the standard plagues types and the Black Death scenario, and it is a tier 2 symptom in the Smallpox scenario. It is also present in the Mad Cow Disease scenario. It obstructs bodily processes, which can be fatal if breathing is obstructed.

Along with Fever, Tumours, and Diarrhoea, Inflammation is one of the four symptoms which can be better understood by scientists during a game. Having Inflammation evolved when this happens makes a plague easier to cure.

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