Stn Hemorrhagic Shock
Hemorrhagic Shock


Failure of the heart to pump effectively causes oxygen deprivation, loss of consciousness and death

DNA cost

23, 31, (Simian Flu) 32 (Frozen Virus)

Infectivity increase


Severity increase

Catastrophic (15)


Very High (15)

Previous symptom

Internal Haemorrhaging

Hemorrhagic Shock is a tier 4 symptom. It causes failure of the heart to pump effectively, causing oxygen deprivation, loss of consciousness, and death.


In real life Edit

Hypovolemic shock is a medical emergency and an advanced form of hypovolemia due to insufficient amounts of blood and/or fluid inside the human body to let the heart pump enough blood to the body. More specifically, hypovolemic shock occurs when there is decreased intravascular volume to the point of cardiovascular compromise. The hypovolemic shock could be due to severe dehydration through a variety of mechanisms or from blood loss.

The first factor to be considered is whether the hypovolemic shock has resulted from hemorrhage or fluid losses, as this will dictate treatment. When etiology of hypovolemic shock has been determined, replacement of blood or fluid loss should be carried out as soon as possible to minimize tissue ischemia. Factors to consider when replacing fluid loss include the rate of fluid replacement and type of fluid to be used.

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