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« Pressure behind the eye causes discomfort and distracts people from washing their hands »
— Description of the Symptom in Plague Inc.: The Board Game

Headache is a symptom available in the Simian Flu DLC, in addition to the Nipah Virus, Mad Cow Disease and Swine Flu scenarios, this symptom also appears in Multiplayer Mode. It makes it difficult to concentrate on infected, decreasing cure speed.

Government Actions

  • In the Simian Flu DLC, there is a possibility for governments to distribute free aspirin to the population if this symptom is evolved, in addition the local priority must be 5 while the global priority must be 0 for this action to be implemented.[1]

Cure Effects

Plague Cure Requirement Research Inefficiency
Simian Flu +0.01 +0.02
Nipah Virus +0.01 +0.05
Mad Cow Disease +0.01 0
Swine Flu +0.02 0


  • In the Swine Flu scenario, this symptom, when evolved, reduces the plague mutation by 0.5[2]
  • In the Nipah Virus scenario, this symptom requires the evolution of at least one of these transmissions, which are Bat 1, Swine 1 and Horse 1.


HeadacheCard.png Headache Symptom Card from Plague Inc.: The Board Game


  1. This symptom is pre-evolved at the beginning of the game in the Mad Cow Disease scenario, if the player devolves it, the initial cost in DNA points of the symptom is 4, according to the game files.