Neu Hallucinations
Description Occipital lesions created, causing severe hallucinations. Lack of awareness increases transmission chance as well as risk of injury
DNA cost 6, 17 (Nipah Virus), 7 (Mad Cow Disease)
Infectivity Slight
Severity Slight
Lethality Slight, None(Mad Cow Disease)
Previous symptom Akinetopsia (other plagues), Paranoia and Human Cross-infection (Mad Cow Disease)
Next symptom Blindness and Schizophrenia (other plagues), Seizures and Insanity (Mad Cow Disease)

Hallucinations is a symptom in the Neurax Worm DLC, the Nipah Virus scenario and the Mad Cow Disease scenario, with each version costing less or more. It causes occipital lesions, which, lead to severe hallucinations.

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