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Greyscale is an achievement in the Shadow Plague DLC. It involves infecting the scientists investigating the skeletons at Stonehenge.

How to get this achievement?

  1. Start in any country.
  2. Evolve Therianthropy and Night Wraith and start moving your vampire. Remember to avoid keeping it in a country for too much time.
  3. Wait for the headline "Tourists topple standing stones at Stonehenge"
  4. Evolve Shadow Blessing and start spreading your plague.
  5. Evolve the Dark Pustules, Hypersensitivity, Malignant Pigmentation, Pallor and Latent Adaptation. Devolve any other symptom.
  6. Wait for the "Mutated skeleton found at Stonehenge" headline.
  7. Evolve Air 1, Air 2, Water 1, Water 2 and Extreme Bioaerosol while you keep moving your vampire.
  8. Wait for the "Mutated skeleton infected with Nox Eternis" pop up.
  9. Continue moving until the "Nox Eternis infects Stonehenge team" pop up shows up. This will grant you the achievement.