Greenland, as it appears in Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved.


A cold and very sparsely populated country.





Land border





Yes (Links: Russia, Norway)

City cam location

Katuaq Cultural Centre, Nuuk

Greenland is one of the least favorite countries to start in due to the fact that boats depart from Greenland with long intervals of time between departures (rarely over 8 ships per year), and it has no air nor land connections, and just one seaport.

IG Factbook:"Greenland, the world's largest island, is about 81% ice-capped. Vikings reached the island in the 10th century from Iceland - Danish colonization began in the 18th century, and Greenland was made an intergral part of Denmark in 1953. It joined the European community(now the EU) with Denmark in 1973 but withdrew in 1985 over a dispute centered on stringent fishing quotas. Greenland was granted self-government in 1979 by the Danish parliament - the law went into effect the following year. Greenland voted in favor of increased self-rule in November 2008 and acquired greater responsibility for internal affairs when the Act on Greenland Self-Government was signed into law in June 2009. Denmark, however, continues to exercise control of Greenland's foreign affairs, security, and financial policy in consultation with Greenland's Home Rule Government."


  • Water 2 and Extreme Bioaerosol are highly recommended for infection, and Cold Resistance 2 is recommended for aiding in increasing overall infection speed in the country.
  • Unless you want to remove the problem of infecting it, do not start your pandemic there.
  • Additionally, the Extreme Zoonosis ability allows animals to infect islands including Greenland, even if their ports have been closed down.
  • The Fungus, Simian Flu, Shadow Plague, and some Special Plagues can infect Greenland, even after their Seaport had been closed down using their non-standard methods of transmission.
  • Greenland has 3 research facilities and a population of 3 apes.
  • Moving a colony to Greenland can infect it once Hominidae Bridge is evolved. Having your first colony in Greenland and having it never move is necessary for the An Ape is for Life... achievement.
  • Greenland is good place to start the Shadow Plague, if you are pursuing a strategy of building the vampire's strength before unleashing the plague itself. It has a low population that can be quickly eradicated, and doing that to it and Iceland make it possible to reach the whole world from only 3 lairs.



  • Greenland is infamous among players, as it only has one seaport and no airports, and closes its seaports once it notices the players disease, such that it has two official t-shirts inspired by it. Go to T-Shirts for confirmation.
  • Occasionally, if you are lucky enough to infect Greenland, a pop up screen will show up that you somehow infected Greenland. This also applies to other island countries.
  • In a news headline, it mentions that "US President buys Condo in Greenland - claims victory'", this refers to when Donald Trump wanted to buy the island, but Denmark refused in 2019.
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