Game Files

Game Files Hacking was an article dedicated to inspecting and editing game files in Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved. This included extracting images and audio and videos, extracting code and editing code for specific tasks.

Plague Inc: Evolved from PC file decompilation to PC

  • Plague Inc: Evolved is made in unity. A specific unity extractor is needed to extract game files. One such extractor is unity studio, or Asset Studio. Compiling this needs the program called visual studio. These two programs are both free to access. An exe download is available, without need to compile.
  • To compile the program, download the zip file in the link, extract the zip file, double click the folder, double click the .sln file, left click solution, right click and left click "build solution". After waiting a while, an exe file should appear somewhere.
  • When the program is compiled, click "file", "Load folder" and then select what should be called "PlagueIncEvolved_Data". This extracts all the 3d models, code, audio, text, images, videos in the folder. They can all be extracted and viewed.

Plague Inc. from IOS file extraction to PC using ipad

  • this was downloaded. This has been archived on the web archive so if it is lost it is still obtainable
  • Connect ipad to computer
  • Install itunes version
  • Authorize
  • select the tabber under the app view and controls tabs at the top
  • Add the apps tabber
  • Go there, to the app store and then "purchased". This shows apps downloaded. Find the plague app. Hover over it and it will download the ipa file to C:\User\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications when it is done. Rename the ipa extension to zip and the contents are accessible.
  • Some games may have inverted graphics. Ideas on how to solve this issue will be found soon.

Ipa's can be downloaded online if no ipad is available.

"Exploits" and glitches

This is supposed to list manipulation of the game's rules:

Save and reload gene unlocking exploit

In Plague Inc: Evolved, the player can save the game just before winning and reload it many times as needed to unlock all genes for a disease type in Genetic Code. Source:

Fast spread fungus

  • In both games, Patho-Stasis, which hinders genetic drift and cost increases for abilities can be used for spore bursts which have a base cost of 1 each.


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