GLaDOS Says Hi Achievement Name: GLaDOS Says Hi
Achievement Description: Make a teleport attempt end in tragedy
Value: Difficulty: Easy

GLaDOS Says Hi is an achievement exclusive to the Teleportation scenario.

How to get this achievement?Edit

Strategy 1 Edit

This achievement can be achieved on Casual Difficulty:

  1. Play with Parasite.
  2. Infect as many people as possible before the plague is discovered and people start rushing out to buy portal tickets (about 2.5-3 billion infected).
  • TIP: Abilities from the Symbiosis tree will help a plague stay undetected for longer.

Strategy 2 Edit

  1. Play on Casual Difficulty.
  2. Play with Bacteria.
  3. Genes:
    • ATP Boost
    • Aerocyte
    • Trans-Stasis/Patho-Stasis
    • Genetic Mimic
    • Extremophile
  4. Start in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Devolve all mutations.
  6. Evolve the following:
  7. The popup should appear after you evolve all of these.
    • Note: If your disease is discovered, and people are starting to go into portals, the achievement can still be unlocked. I got the achievement even though my disease was discovered. (I don't know why though since I didn't have any symptoms evolved.)

Strategy added by: NinjaDogDB (a fellow contributor). Credit to the Yo It's Spicy Team. Click here to go to the original strategy.

Strategy 3Edit

Recommended start: as Parasite on Casual Here's the reason: In this scenario, your priority is to prevent people from escaping to islands by infecting as many people as possible. Therefore, Parasite with Symbiosis ability is a solid choice. You can also use Fungus or Neurax Worm.

Recommended genes: ATP Boost, Base Oxidisation, Aquacyte, Extremophile and Sympto-Stasis.

  • Start in Saudi Arabia. Evolve the following traits in order as soon as possible:
- Symbiosis 1 & 2
- Rash
- Sweating
- Skin Lesions
- Symbiosis 3
- Coughing
- Sneezing
- Pneumonia
- Cysts
- Bird 1
- Water 1
- Air 1
- Cold Resistance 1
- Drug Resistance 1
  • By now, most countries / regions will have infected population and your disease should be spotted. Stupid human beings attempt to teleport to somewhere 'safe'. Sorry, nowhere is safe.
  • Sit down, drink some tea and watch people vanish - "Portal attempt in XXX failure".


Trivia Edit

  • This achievement is a direct reference to GLaDOS, the AI manager of Aperture Science and the main antagonist of Val ve Software's 2007 game Portal which is related with teleportation.
    • Ironically, Aperture Science has rarely used that kind of technology in-game (save for Borealis, the research ship that vanished in a teleportation incident), as the portals only creates pathways instead of moving something to somewhere instantly.
Achievements in Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved.
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