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« There are around 300 fungi identified as pathogenic to humans. Typically 2-10 micrometers in length, they spread via fungal spores and can produce lethal mycotoxins. »
— Description of Fungus in Plague Inc.: The Board Game

The Fungus is an unlockable plague type in Plague Inc. and Plague Inc: Evolved. The fungus is the third plague in the Main Game, but in Cure Mode it is the fourth.


  • Like the previous two plague types, the Fungus plague type has all the same Transmissions, Symptoms, and Standard Abilities, as well as the same possible Genes.
  • The disease spreads through the spores it releases which are generally poor in traveling.
  • One Unique ability, Spore Burst, allows it to infect a random, uninfected country.
  • Another ability, Spore Hardening, allows spores to ignore a good portion of climates which makes the Fungus very infectious late in the game.
  • Spore Eruption, a unique ability, allows multiple uninfected countries to be infected at once.

Special Abilities

  • Spore Burst (1): Releases a small amount of spores that will infect a random, uninfected country.
  • Spore Eruption (2): Releases a huge amount of spores that will infect multiple, uninfected countries.
  • Spore Hardening: Spores become more climate resilient and will continuously infect uninfected countries.


  • In April 2016, Fungus was added to the Multiplayer Mode, along with Parasite.[1]
  • In December 2019, the Armageddon expansion of Plague Inc. The Board Game was released, in which two plagues were added, these were Fungus and Bio-Weapon.[2]
    • In the Board Game, Fungus has certain abilities, these include Fungal Bloom, in which it obtains DNA by randomly spreading in empty countries, in other words, where there are no other diseases. There is also the Puffball ability which is related to future infections, this ability can increase its potency.[3]



  • Cannot inherently infect other countries without carriers or Spore Burst/Eruption/Hardening abilities.
  • Extremely slow transmission rate (1/10000th of a regular plague air/sea/land base rate).
  • Relying too much on Disease spreading traits may not allow evolution of high tier symptoms. Using the gene Patho-Stasis can reduce this which makes it easier to evolve all the Spore Bursts without draining DNA Points. However, using Patho-Stasis increases the chance that you won't be able to get that much-needed lethality after you've infected almost everyone.
  • This plague type is one of the longest and most frustrating plague types to beat due to how slowly it spreads even with the use of Spore Burst/Eruption/Hardening abilities.
  • Considerable penalty to effectiveness in arid countries.
  • This pathogen is arguably the most luck-based plague in the game, as the Spore Bursts infect countries in a 100% random manner. If you are unlucky, you may not infect island countries before the cure progress reaches 100%.

Stages of Evolution

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4

Cure Mode Traits

Main Article: Cure Mode

Trait Descriptions

  1. Fungal Blooms: Fungal colonies slowly fill the air with hardened spores - increasing infection rate. Fungus prefers humid over arid climates
  2. Inflammation: Inflammation obstructs bodily processes. Swelling can obstruct breathing and be fatal
  3. Skin Lesions: Breakdown in the epidermis causes large open wounds which significantly increase infectivity
  4. Necrosis: Large swathes of infected tissue lose blood supply and become fatally gangrenous
  5. Abscesses: Pockets of infected flesh are painful and act as breeding grounds for the pathogen, increasing infection rates when burst
  6. Paralysis: Pathogen destroys motor neurons to cause paralysis. Can be lethal
  7. Fungal Spores: Bursts of plague spores are occasionally released to infect new countries. Fungus struggles to survive on boats and planes



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