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"Huge leaps in aviation technology have seen humanity unlock the true potential of suborbital flight on a commercial basis. In this future world you can get from London to Sydney in 2 hours for a fraction of the cost, and every country has an airport. Does the idea of Greenland getting a major airport excite you?"
— Plague Inc., Flight Club introduction paragraph

Flight Club is a plague type and scenario in the Mutation 1.15 update. It is one of the three scenarios that are included in the update, along with Mad Cow Disease and Where Is Everyone?. In this scenario, every country in the world now has an airport, making air infection more effective in this case.


  • Saudi Arabia is one of the absolutely best countries to start in in this scenario because it disperses planes across a large section of the world. In addition, starting in this country will grant a player's disease a resistance to heat. Another recommended country is China because of its sheer population size, which will allow a player to rapidly reap large quantities of DNA Points.
  • Air 1, Air 2, and Extreme Bioaerosol helps a lot here. You won't be able to miss any nation as long as you are careful enough to keep it subtle.
  • The scenario's name is an intentional reference to the famous 1999 film Fight Club.


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