Stn Fever


Increase in temperature, contagiousness and severe dehydration, which can be fatal

DNA cost

9,0 (Black Death)

Severity increase



Slight (Normal Plagues, Simian Flu) None (Necroa Virus)

Infectivity increase


Next Symptom

Immune Suppression, Skin Lesions (normal plagues),
Coma (Simian Flu)
Photophobia (Necroa Virus)

Previous symptom

Sneezing, Sweating(normal plagues),
insomnia (Necroa Virus), Headache (Simian Flu)

Fever is not a tier 3 symptom, and a tier 2 symptom in some other diseases, such as the Simian Flu DLC and the Necroa Virus DLC. It increases body temperature, contagiousness, and severe dehydration through excessive sweating. It slightly increases disease lethality and Infectivity, although it is more lethal than Paralysis (which is obviously not true in real life).

In Necroa Virus, Fever, along with Coma, weren't lethal. They do have other effects. In Necroa Virus, while Coma reduces infectivity, Fever slows research speed.


  • Along with Diarrhoea, Tumours and Inflammation, Fever is one of four symptoms which can be better understood by scientists during a game, making a plague easier to cure when it is evolved or mutated.
  • In Black Death and Smallpox, it is evolved from the start.

In Real LifeEdit

One of the external signs of fever is a warming of the forehead. Another is that you feel extremely cold, yet your body will feel extremely warm to other's touches.

Fevers are not usually fatal except in extreme cases, such as with chicken pox or yellow fever, or with severe dehydration. Fevers can lead to a coma, but not always. Also, they are not related to Schizophrenia. They can also lead to "fever dreams", a type of disturbing nightmare brought on by the fever.

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