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« Rapid increase in body temperature which can be fatal if left untreated »
— Description of the Symptom in Plague Inc.: The Board Game

Fever is a symptom available in the standard plagues, the Necroa Virus and Simian Flu DLCs, as well as the Black Death and Smallpox scenarios. It increases body temperature, contagiousness, and severe dehydration through excessive sweating. It slightly increases disease lethality and Infectivity, although it is more lethal than Paralysis.


  • Along with Diarrhoea, Tumours and Inflammation, Fever is one of four symptoms which can be better understood by scientists during a game, making a plague easier to cure if it has this trait.
  • In Necroa Virus, this symptom along with Coma are non-lethal, being simply used to reduce research speed.
  • This symptom is a pre-loaded trait in Black Death and Smallpox.


FeverCard.png Fever Symptom Card from Plague Inc.: The Board Game