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The Festival of Love is a random event that may happen before the humanity discover your plague, but may not happen at all in some games. It has a 1/400 chance per day to happen if you have 4~4767 infected. It can happen in almost any country, usually occurring in the player's starting country. After this event, the disease will spread faster whether or not Nausea is evolved, multiplying the amount infected by 2~6 times.


The following is the paragraph that comes with the news event:

Festival of Love in <name of country>: <name of country> celebrates the Festival of Love. Fans praise the replacement of International Kissing Day. Critics question hygiene standards



  • The Festival of Love is a real event celebrated across the world, known as the Holi Festival in India.
  • The International Kissing Day is a real event celebrated in the UK. It is scheduled on the next 6 July.
  • Evolving Nausea when the event has happened in a country, this will cause infection rates in said country to significantly increase as people will be kissing on the celebration.