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Bing bong bing, went the church bell,

With dogs looking as if under a spell.

Somewhere in the distance, a creature

was approaching. The creature of the

Shadow Plague.

It was a vampire, awoken from a deep

sleep by a pathogen named 'Nox

Eternis'. It seeks the blood of the

living, never breathing, only


The bloodsucker assumed bat

form, and flew into India. Its

thirst giving it pain, but it was

refreshed as it drained a

sleeping man's vein.

"Blood cult murders," said the News.

"Blood drinking ritual in India." Little did

they know they had an unwelcome visitor,

a monster beyond their darkest dreams.

Reports came in of a disease like the flu,

mixed with rabies, aggression and people

looking pale as death. But overhead, a

great bat flew.

Then the threat was realised, a vampire

in their midst. As they puzzled over what to

do, the number of victims grew.

Three months later, Eternis had taken

over, the world in its tentacles. (or its flagella)

Its vampires are leading an order of death and

destruction, but wait, what's that I see?

Oh hark! A cure! It is at 1 per cent, slowly

going faster. Eternis could do nothing to

stop it, but suddenly it stopped.

The infected were dying, blisters all over

and their brains stopping. No one can cure

death, and no one ever will, as they were

already dropping.

And so a new Dark Age was created, the world

reduced to a milking parkour for the undead,

and a resting place for the true dead.

The cure researchers were dismayed.

And all the Plague Inc. players

shouted "Hooray!"


One day, on Earth, everything seemed normal...

A girl looked upon the world and said to herself...

(Chorus 1)

No! No! This isn’t right!

No epidemics in many years!

I must fix this as quick as I can!

Bring me to my laboratory!

(Verse 1)

At first, everything stayed normal.

Nobody seemed interested,

But little did they know...

(Chorus 2)

A pathogen was in their midst!

A pathogen, Bacteria!

A pathogen, it was so silent!

The pathogen was infecting fast!

(Verse 2)

Then, one day,

Nobody in the world was healthy,

Nobody left without the pathogen.

The evil doctor, she looked on,

and said, “Ready to evolve some symptoms!”

(Chorus 3)

The symptoms of the pathogen!

The symptoms, they‘re starting to show!

Humanity are very scared!

Can they take it down?!

(Verse 3)

Slowly, surely, people began dying,

”First death confirmed in USA”, said the News.

The evil Doctor laughed once more,

and she said...

(Chorus 4)

Yes! Yes! Everything is great!

So many people are dying, even if it’s as of late!

2022, a year to start anew!

Hopefully that iCure thing is just a rumour...

(Verse 4)

Very very soon, the organs of the infected

had begun to fail.

Deaths increased fifty fold.

By now the disease was getting old.

The evil doctor laughed once more,

quickly helping it survive.

But...very suddenly...

(Chorus 5)

Look! A cure! It’s only 25 percent done,

But hark! Humans are trying their very best!

Halt! Look! The evil doctor got infected!

We May be able to stop her in her tracks!

Stop her in her tracks!

(Verse 6)

Alas, the evil Doctor, she survived a while,

Soon, she watched the end of humanity.

Then, four days later, she herself lay dying,

She asked the Lord to forgive her actions,

then with her dying breath, these words came out...

(Chorus 7)

I grow weak, infected myself,

I knew I shouldn’t have done what I did...

Stupid bacterium!

I wish I was a Time Lord...


And with those words, the mastermind, she died.

The Player, on the other side, she shouted “Hooray!”

”I’ve finally destroyed the world!”

But with dear Aca Sheltari,

and a bit of time travel,

Aca Sheltari’s job will never be done...

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