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"From wild conspiracy theories to election campaign mudslinging, we now live in a post-fact world where falsehoods and misinformation can spread just like a disease. In this radically different scenario, you'll create your very own Fake News Story and shape it using all the modern tools and psychological tricks at your disposal. Can you deceive the world?

Created with the help of professional Fact Checking organisations Full Fact (UK) and Politifact (USA)"

— Plague Inc., Ultimate Board Games introduction paragraph

Fake News is a scenario added to Plague Inc: Evolved and Plague Inc. in the Mutation 1.17 update, announced on the official website's news.

What happens?

In the scenario, the aim is to deceive as many people as possible. Infectivity is now virality, severity is now plausibility, and lethality is now community. The cure is now called Fact Checking and for a "plague" to be eradicated, it needs to be disproven. Abilities is now Adaptability, symptoms are now Growth and transmissions are now Manifesto.

People are now informed, and then deceived, and unlike the Ultimate Board Games scenario, Deceived would not act as Dead, as in that scenario, Sales would act like deaths.

To start the game, first, the fake news needs a topic, a starting party, a motivation and a blame, which are gained by evolving traits, described in the Manifesto page. Then, Growth and Adaptability traits are evolved to spread the fake news and prevent it from being disproven respectively. One will have to balance virality and plausibility for best results. Transport will not shut down at all.

When half of the world is deceived (approximately over 3.0 billion people), the fake news will be unstoppable, thus winning the game. However, if half of the world is informed instead, then the fake news will be disproven without the need for the fact checking "cure".

Like the Ultimate Board Games scenario, genetic drift is disabled.


  • The "disease" type for this scenario is a Bacteria.
  • The first line in the scenario image is "Sadness is a result of chemicals in the water."
  • The second line in the image is "Social Media now only way to vote in Election."
  • The third line in the image is "Vaccines are probably a bit rubbish." This refers to the modern notion of anti-vaxxers.


For strategies how to beat this scenario, check out the Strategy Guides/Fake News section.

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