Drones are small UAVs that only appear in Simian Flu plagues and the Shadow Plague.

Simian Flu

  • Drones are used by the world to eliminate the apes and their colonies.
  • After the player receives a pop-up message regarding the decision to aggressively target ape populations, drones will begin to appear on the map.
  • Once a drone has been deployed, it will fly over ape colonies and begin to kill the apes there within its targeting radius.
  • There is no way to fight a drone directly.
  • Drone's attack area will flashing red a few seconds before attacking.
  • If a colony exists within a drone's radius when they attack, the colony is destroyed. Apes present in a country without a colony are not harmed.
  • If a drone is attacking when a group of traveling apes are in the drone's radius, the traveling apes are killed. You can, however, move them in a different path that does not goes into the drone's range.
  • The accuracy of drones depends on the difficulty. In Casual, drones often ignore the colonies and target random places. In Mega Brutal however, they almost always go for the colonies.

Shadow Plague

  • Drones are used by the Templars to eliminate Vampire Lairs, thus weakening the vampires in the country. The Vampire can use a Blood Rage to destroy the Drone.
    • If the drone is destroyed, Blood Rage will instantly stop.
    • If a lair is destroyed, the cost to build another will be reduced accordingly, based on the amount of lairs you have.


  • The Drone is based on the MQ-9 Reaper.
  • There are two achievements involving drones:
    • Attack of the drones, which involves allowing a Colony to be destroyed by a drone attack.
    • EvacuApe, which involves moving a Colony out of the attack zone of a drone.


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