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  • DNA Points is the plague's "currency", which is required to evolve.
  • It is earned by infecting and/or killing people and popping bubbles, Cure bubbles are an exception unless Catalytic Switch is active.
  • You can sometimes gain points for devolving for some plague types, due to the cost to devolve being negative. However, the negative devolve cost will sometimes increase.
  • The cost to devolve increases by 1 as you devolve more, unless you have the Translesion + gene activated.
  • For each trait in Transmission, Symptoms or Abilities that has been evolved/devolved, the cost to evolve the other traits (or evolve back) increases by 1. Mutation, however, does not increase the cost.
  • The cost to evolve traits will increase over time in Mega Brutal, even if there are no traits evolved because Genetic drift impacts evolution, in which more infected people will increase the symptom cost. The gene Sympto-Stasis neutralizes this effect at the cost of being cured easier.
  • If the Unlimited Strain cheat is enabled, you will have infinite DNA point.
  • DNA income can be increased with certain genes as listed below, and some genes will either increase or decrease the DNA costs of Abilities, Symptoms or Transmission.
  • Prices for evolving can range from as little as 0 to as high as over 100 (Mega Brutal only).

DNA-giving genes

The following genes will, if added to the Genetic Code, give extra DNA points in various ways. They must be "discovered" by playing the game before becoming available for use.

DNA cost-modifying genes

These genes modify the DNA cost of most abilities in different ways. They must, again, be "discovered" before they can be used.


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