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Cytopathic Reanimation is a tier 5 symptom exclusive to the Necroa Virus DLC. It repairs and reanimates damaged cells in dead bodies which makes infected dead bodies into zombies which the player can partially control. Other zombie-related symptoms and abilities also become unlocked.


Evolving cytopathic reanimation effectively renders the cure effort meaningless because zombies can't be cured. Therefore, losing all of your zombies results in your defeat, rather than being defeated by the cure. Althought these zombies start out very "weak" they need other zombie symptoms to become stronger and with out them, they will be easily killed by a Z Com even if there are more than 50,000,000 zombies.



  • This symptom can't be devolved.
  • The existence of Anaerobic Resuscitation implies this symptom doesn't destroy the zombies' minds.
  • If this symptom is evolved before the player's disease is spotted a pop up may appear when the disease first begins to create zombies that reads "<disease name> causing anti-social behaviour."