Cytopathic Reanimation
Nec Cytopathic Reanimation


Formation of complex neural structures enables re-animation of damaged cells and restoration of lower level vitals. Turns dead into zombies

DNA cost


Severity Increase



Very Slight

Infectivity Increase


Next Symptom

Anaerobic Resuscitation

Previous Symptom

Cannibalism, Delirium, Psychosis

Next Ability

Horde Instinct, Reanimate, Autolytic Delay

Cytopathic Reanimation is a tier 5 symptom exclusive to the Necroa Virus DLC. It repairs and reanimates damaged cells in dead bodies which makes infected dead bodies into zombies which the player can partially control. Other zombie-related symptoms and abilities also become unlocked.


Evolving cytopathic reanimation effectively renders the cure effort meaningless because zombies can't be cured. Therefore, losing all of your zombies results in your defeat, rather than being defeated by the cure.

Plague Inc. zombies are more realistic than zombies anywhere else. Instead of long-term reanimation, they decompose within a few months, even with preservation abilities evolved. Existing zombies can generate more zombies by killing more living people, even if they are not infected. Alternatively, anyone that die of the virus will also turn into a zombie. Certain genes can increase the chance of a infected person reanimating after they die, and certain abilities can slow the decomposition process of the zombies, enhancing their duration. Usually it's the most effective to enhance the power of the zombies themselves and wipe out the population fast, and the abilities can be waited until DNA is accumulated. Since it and Anaerobic Resuscitation lead to a large amount of powerful symptoms, these are better taken first than anything else.

Achievements Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This symptom can't be devolved.
  • The existence of Anaerobic Resuscitation implies this symptom doesn't destroy the zombies' minds.
  • If this symptom is evolved before the player's disease is spotted a pop up may appear when the disease first begins to create zombies that reads "<disease name> causing anti-social behaviour".
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