Scenario global health.png People worldwide agree that a disease free world is a moral imperative. New global programme to improve surveillance capacity significantly increases ability of poor countries to identify, respond to and communicate about national disease outbreaks.
If the world stands together, nothing can stop it?

— Plague Inc., Created Equal introduction paragraph.

Created Equal is a scenario which increases the ability of poor countries to find and research a Cure for the player's disease, thus increasing the game's difficulty.

Its opposite is Who Cares, which decreases the ability of poor countries to do the above.


  • Since everyone is working together, they'd be opposed to jailing people. Thus, Nausea and other airborne/contact-based symptoms will definitely help.
  • Starting in a poor country is inadvisable, since they are watched over more by rich countries.
  • The cure will advance a lot more than usual, as everyone is banding together. The best symptom to fight against this is Paranoia.
  • The Cure Requirement is reduced by 30%.

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