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Contagion Cancelled is an achievement that may only be acquired in the Nipah Virus scenario.

Getting this achievement is based on a highly random chance*. In the case of a popup appearing about a film being made about the Nipah Virus, immediately evolve the Memory Loss symptom. A second popup will appear, saying that the actors for the movie were forgetting their lines, thus canceling the movie.

How to get this achievement?

Recommended start: Nipah Virus on Casual Difficulty

Remember to save your progress. If you have saved a game as requested, simply load it and continue.

Steps: Evolve Swine 1-2 and Bat 2 transmission. Note: You can finish this step in the previous stage, but that will cause your plague to mutate too often, which means that you have to spend more DNA points on devolving symptoms. Evolve some symptoms at will. "XXX film announced" will show up at some later time. It's time to evolve Memory Loss (Drowsiness -> Confusion -> Memory Loss). Soon you'll received a message, stating that the film has failed because actors cannot memorize lines. If you see "XXX film raises awareness worldwide!" instead, please load and try again.

Note: Still, the success rate is high, but not 100%.



The name of the achievement, like the disease itself, is a reference to the movie Contagion.