Cheats are abilities, not traits, that can be enabled in any combination, allowing for 27−1 different combinations, or 127. All cheats are usable by all standard plagues, special plagues and most scenarios.

In Plague Inc., the first four can be unlocked either by beating all regular plague types on Brutal Difficulty, the next three on Mega Brutal Difficulty or by purchasing them for $13.99. In Plague Inc. Evolved, the first four cheats can be unlocked by beating all of the plague types in normal difficulty, and the last three by completing all plague types in Mega Brutal.

Each cheat option has biohazard markers indicating which difficulties of which it was beaten, just like the Scenarios and other Standard Plagues and Special Plagues.

Main Game

Immune Strain

"No Cure Cheat: Impossible to find a cure for the Plague"

Although the cure is being developed, it never finishes. This is done by the cure requirement, which increases as more cure progress is completed

  • The only way to lose is by killing off all carriers while there are still healthy people alive.

Hidden Strain

"No Government Cheat: Humans will never take action against you"

Governments will never research cures or close borders or ports. Like the Immune strain, the only way to lose is by killing all victims without infecting everyone first.

Unlimited Strain

"Unlimited DNA Cheat: Evolve with the power of a god"

Grants unlimited (∞) DNA at the start of the game. Can be used to determine how to unlock symptom combos.

  • Used to be 999 in older versions on the mobile version.
  • 9999 in Plague Inc: Evolved

Turbo Strain

"Headstart Cheat: Starting country is 100% infected"

The starting country will immediately be completely infected.

Shuffle Strain

"Evolutionary Shuffle Cheat: All evolutions are mixed up"

All evolutions are randomly shuffled in all possible trait spots.

Lucky Dip Strain

"Surprise Evolutions Cheat: Start with 5 random evolutions"

They can't be devolved, and act as if they were normally evolved, which lead to adjacent traits.

Double Strain

"Double Start Cheat: Choose two countries to start in"

There are two Patient Zeroes this time! Allows the disease to start in two countries.

Golden Handshake

"Unlimited Resources Cheat: Never run out of money"

Advance Planning

"Global Monitoring Cheat: Monitoring stations in every country"

Full Support

"Full Compliance Cheat: Non-compliance set to zero"

Maximum Power

"Maximum Power Cheat: Authority can’t fall"

Messy Desk

"Evolutionary Initiative Cheat: All initiatives are mixed up"

All initiatives are randomly shuffled in all possible trait spots.

Lucky Dip

"Surprise Initiatives Cheat: Start with 5 random initiatives"

They can't be devolved, and act as if they were normally evolved, which lead to adjacent traits.

The Avengers

"Super Operative Cheat: Operatives are much more effective"


  • You won't be able to get achievements while cheating, nor it will count toward scores, with the exception of Normal Shuffle, Mega-Brutal Shuffle, Bingo! and Lottery winner! achievements.
  • Beating a game with one cheat activated will earn you biohazard for that cheat depending on the difficulty, with higher difficulty will automatically grant the biohazards of lower difficulty. You cannot earn biohazards for two or more cheats activated at once.
  • If one completes a cheat in a higher difficulty and then a lower one, the biohazard indicating higher difficulty will be cleared and superseded by the lower difficulty one.
    For example, if one uses a cheat in Mega-Brutal Difficulty and then Casual Difficulty, after the casual mode is played, only the biohazard indicating that the cheat has been completed in casual difficulty will be present.
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