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Central Asia is a poor group of countries. It has an arid climate, and is bordered by China, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and Iran.

Country Information

IG Factbook: "Central Asia is a grouping of countries to the south of Kazakhstan and to the north of Iran and Pakistan. The countries share some cultural, linguistic and economic ties as well as aspects of shared history. The countries in this group are: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan. Kyrgyzstan became a Soviet republic in 1936 and achieved independence in 1991 when the USSR dissolved. Tajikistan also became independent in 1991 but experienced a civil war between regional factions from 1992-97. Following independence for Turkmenistan it was ruled by 'President for Life' Saparmurat Nyyazow until his death in 2006. The following elections were criticized by the OSCE who said they the freedoms necessary to create a competitive environment. Uzbekistan has a dependence on the cotton monoculture criticized for is use of slave labour. Other issues Uzbekistan faces include terrorism by Islamic militants, economic stagnation, and the curtailment of human rights and democratization."


  • In the original image for the city cam of Central Asia, a Pepsi billboard is seen on top of the building on the left, but was photoshopped out in the actual game. The reason it was removed was that the Pepsi logo is copyrighted and this affected the license of the photograph which is Commons 2.0
  • In Cure Mode, Central Asia has a land border with Pakistan.[Note 1]




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