The Cannibalism icon


Extreme Compulsion to bite or eat other humans - significantly increasing infectivity as well as lethality

DNA Cost

20, 22 (Mad Cow Disease)

Severity Increase


Lethality Increase

Very Slight

Infectivity Increase


Next Symptom

Cytopathic Reanimation

Previous Symptom


Cannibalism is a symptom in the Necroa Virus DLC. It is also present in the Mad Cow Disease scenario. It will cause an extreme compulsion to eat people in the infected.

This symptom, along with Autophagia and Polyphagia, will form the Bath Time symptom combo. When trying to complete the achievement Not Another Zombie Game, it's best to not evolve this symptom because it can lead to Cytopathic Reanimation which would in turn prevent you from getting the Not Another Zombie Game achievement which is also known as NAZG.

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